Australia 2003-4

Ray and Jeanne in Oz


Road Signs of Australia

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Jeanne and Ray kept meeting fellow travellers from Australia who were surprised we had not visited their country. We thoroughly enjoyed their company and were curious about all that Australia had to offer so in October 2003 we set off for Down Under. In Sydney, we bought a 1989 Toyota Camry stationwagon, promptly christened Priscilla, from fellow backpackers and took off to see Oz. Over 26,000 Kms and five months later we were back in Sydney. Our trip had been an unqualified success and we ended with many fond memories of the people we met and the sights we had seen. We ended our trip with a short visit to Malaysia, made possible by flying on Malaysia Airlines.

The emails Jeanne sent home from the various Internet cafes describing their experiences in Australia have been included on this website. There are eight Episodes for Australia and one additional Episode for Malaysia, plus a selection of photos for each episode.

Flowers of Australia

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