Copra Ridge

Annapurna South

October 2000

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Sadhus in Durbar Sq Kathmandu
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Sacred Lake of Kare Tal

Ray and Jeanne left Ottawa on October 11, 2000, bound for Kathmandu. They spent a few days exploring Kathmandu and the surrounding valley before being joined by other trekkers from Canada. Our group of nine, including Ray as leader, left Kathmandu on October 19,2000 for a 14 day trek organized by Everest Trekking to the wilderness ridge of Copra on the west shoulder of Annapurna South. Our campsite on Copra Ridge had a spectacular view of the major peaks of the Annapurna range. From there, we hiked up to the sacred Lake Kare Tal at an altitude of 15,100 ft (4,600 m).

Jeanne sent emails home during the trip. Read ahead for her accounts of exploring Kathmandu and the trek.

Writeups: Episode1: Exploring Kathmandu and the Valley

Episode 2: The Trek and Back to Kathmandu

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