The Burnhams in Kiwiland 2001-2

Tips for the Traveller in New Zealand

Roadside blooms

Backpacking to Pinnancle in the Coromandel

What to bring for Backpacking

Backpack with frame
Raincover for pack
stuff sacks or zip lock bags
plastic garbage bag (2)
day pack (optional)
Waist pack for money, passport, tickets etc (optional)
Sturdy name tags on each bag (international)
Small combination locks for each pack (international)

Light weight sleeping bag (to 0 C)
Thermarest (short is lighter)
Pillow case (use as stuff sack)
sleeping bag liner (Optional - silk is lightest)
space blanket
small size micro fleece blanket for extra warmth (optional)
light weight tent or tarp (optional)

Teva style or Croc sandals
Hiking boots
day hiking shoes or running shoes with a good tread (optional)

3 pairs of underwear that are quick dry (3 panties, 3 bras)
3 pairs hiking socks
3 pairs thin poly liner socks
1 pair long pants (quick dry, not jeans)
2 pairs knee length shorts (if your pants are zip off convertible to shorts type, you only need 1 extra pair of shorts)
2-3 T Shirts, quick dry
1 long sleeved shirt, quick dry
1 light weight fleece
rain jacket (Gortex) with hood
1 light weight sleeping shirt (poly or silk).
1 bathing suit
a brim hat, not just a peak hat
cotton scarf or bandana to mop your brow
rain pants (optional)
gaitors (optional)

For colder climates or higher altitudes
Mitts or gloves (liners/x-country gloves)
1 heavy weight fleece
1 pair tights or lifa long johns
lifa top
arm warmers (optional)

Toiletries & first aid
1 small camp towel or cheap light weight towel
soap (to be used to wash clothes as well)
1 roll of toilet paper to use for Kleenex as well as the toilet
rubbing alcohol to clean feet
vaseline to prevent blisters on feet (optional)
1 facecloth (optional)
small cosmetic case
small brush & comb
lip protector or gloss with SPF
sun tan lotion (minimum SPF 30)
DEET mosquito repellant
nail clippers
small scissors
shampoo & conditioner (keep in separate plastic bag)
hand & body lotion (optional)
Pepto Bismal
Antibiotics prescribed by the travel clinic, may include Malaria pills
Any other prescription medications you require
Calcium pills & multi vitamins if you already take them
foot powder if you ever get athletes foot
small, not large, first aid kit: may include
moleskin to put on blisters before they are a problem
different size bandaids
latex gloves
Alcohol wipes
Tensor bandage

ID, health card, insurance card, photo copy of passport
1 litre dark Nalgene water bottles (optional - 2)
platypus bladder - 2 litre (optional)
Water bottle holder (or carabiner clip) to carry the bottle on the outside of your pack
water filter
small flashlight or headlamp
extra batteries
good dark glasses
Hard case for glasses
ear plugs
Swiss army type knife
small sewing kit (needle & thread)
recharger for camera battery
padded camera case (could be part of backpack)
extra memory cards
book to read or eBook reader
iPhone with SIM card bought in New Zealand or a travel plan
coil backed notebook to keep a journal & record of expenses
a clothes line (5 M of light line) and a few clothespins
10 M rope to hang food bag in trees
tie-on straps
walking stick 2 are best for more strenuous hikes
pack of cards (optional)
inflatable neck pillow(optional) (international)
eye shade given out by some airlines (optional)
2nd pair of regular prescription glasses (optional)
Duct tape (optional-keep this around the water bottle)
large carabiners (optional)
small mirror (optional)
extra ziploc bags to carry wet clothes (optional)
a few large safety pins (optional)
solar powered calculator (optional international)
mosquito net depending on where you travel (optional)
small foam pad to sit on (optional)

Cooking Equipment
light weight single burner stove
matches or lighter
cooking pot (optional - 2)
lid to double as fry pan
pot holder/handle
large cup
knife, fork & spoon
large serving spoon
dish soap
j-cloth or dish cloth
scrubber or sponge
mesh bag for dishes
plastic measuring cup (optional - can use drinking cup)

Backpack Food
Peanut butter
Porridge (pre-sugared) and dried fruit(optional)
Powdered milk
Tea bags
Instant coffee

Peanut butter
Dried or fresh fruit

Rice or pasta (packaged with sauce)
Canned meat or fish
Dried vegetables
Salt & pepper
Chocolate bar (optional)
instant pudding mix with dried fruit

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